The Internet’s Syd on New Solo Album “Broken Hearts Club” and Figuring Out Who She Is

There is a version of The Internet front lady Syd’s latest solo album Broken Hearts Club that was much angrier than the tender, more reflective finished product that she released earlier this month. In the 13-track follow-up project to her 2017 debut solo album Fin, she uses her signature airy voice to take us on a tour of a love turned sour. It’s a process that began with rage; just as she began the writing process for her new album, Syd experienced “the worst breakup” she’d ever had.

“At that point, it had been the healthiest relationship I had ever been in,” she tells Teen Vogue during a Zoom conversation one recent spring afternoon. “[But] it ended abruptly and I didn’t see it coming and it broke my heart.”

The anger, however, catalyzed her healing journey. She needed to write those songs. They gave her the perspective to see the project — and her life — with fresh eyes. After creatively releasing all her anger over the end of her relationship, she decided to take a few months off from creating new solo music. Upon her return, she says, “I didn’t like the angry songs.”

They gave way to more meditative and mournful songs, like the single “CYBAH” featuring Lucky Daye that sets the tone for the album as its opening track. Or the flirty “Fast Car,” the music video for which features Syd’s current partner, model Ariana Simone. As a whole, Broken Hearts Club is the result of introspection, processing, and taking time to figure out who you are and what you’ve been through.

During that personal sabbatical, which happened to coincide with the beginning of the pandemic, Syd says that she “sat my ass down and reflected.” She began seeing a Black female therapist, who then led Syd to see a Black female psychiatrist, who prescribed medication for her mental illness. “It’s provided the relief to look back and reflect,” she says. “From a rational point of view.”

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