Police make progress in search for Nakyla Williams

INDIANAPOLIS — So far this year IMPD missing persons detectives have received approximately 3800 reports of people who have disappeared.

It’s estimated two-thirds of them are runaways or voluntary disappearances.

The case of Nakyla Williams is still open.

The 22-year-old woman’s family reported her missing on Nov. 9 and have waged a social media campaign to find her ever since.

Nakyla was last seen climbing into a gray pickup truck and driving away from her mother’s home and detectives have no proof that she is in danger.

Nakia Spurlock Pope has conducted what she thinks of as her own lonely investigation into Nakyla’s disappearance.

“I’m just a mom looking for her baby, that’s it,” said Nakia, surrounded by approximately 50 family members and friends before walking through a northside neighborhood where Nakyla was last seen. “I’ve contacted the police every day for two and a half weeks.”

Pope’s private investigation got a public boost this week when IMPD issued a missing persons alert with Nakyla’s photograph Tuesday night and followed that up with another notice linking Nakyla and Bestin Hoyle, the man she was last spotted with, and requested that media in Flint, Michigan, publish the notice.

Bestin Hoyle

“A ton of work has been done on this case,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Kendale Adams. “We had some information from the family that we had to track down to verify if that information was correct. We’ve talked to a police department in Flint, Michigan, about some information we had about a person of interest there. We talked to the U.S. Marshals Office. Again, we will be submitting a search warrant to the courts here in the very near future to look at some additional evidence.

“Our detectives look at a number of pieces of forensic evidence to include cell phones, to include bank records, to include family contacts, things that can leave a crumb trail of an individual’s whereabouts.”

Adams said that the vacation of the original detective during the weeks between the filing of the missing persons report and the posting of the alert and the inability of the family to reach investigators may have given the impression that Williams’ disappearance was not being worked.

“From November 11 all the way through to today, something has been done,” he said. “In this particular case, the detective has communicated with mom on numerous occasions, has requested information from mom to further this investigation.

“I can certainly see an opportunity to improve in that area. It’s an area we continue to try to address within the Investigations Division.”

Adams said if any family feels that its inquiries into the status of their loved one’s cases are not being answered, those family members should call an investigation’s supervisor or his office at (317) 327-3730.

Adams and a missing persons detective were on hand for a rally before today’s search.

“We’ve got to make sure that the family is aware of all the elements of the case and we’re gonna get ahold of mom tomorrow. I gave her my personal number, that we can sit down with her and the detective can explain everything that has occurred in the case so far.”

Minutes later the group moved on to North Leland Avenue and the house where Nakyla was last seen.

“The community’s been excellent,” said Nakyla’s grandfather Barry Williams. “All these people out here. We got plenty of friends. Community’s been stepping in, they been helping us. They been right beside us and we just thank God for them.”

Several people entered the now empty home where Nakia thinks her daughter met Bestin Hoyle and one man was heard taking a sledgehammer to the walls within as friends watched but interacted little with the neighbors.

“Everybody’s scared but there is no fear when it comes to your child, just speak up and say something,” said Pope who has received tips from several people who know her daughter and the people she hung out with. “I know y’all don’t wanna say nothing cuz you don’t want the police at your door.

“They took my daughter no matter what happened and they’re all covering up.”

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