Navy confirms petroleum products found in Red Hill Well, isolated since Nov. 28

HONOLULU (KHON2) — On Thursday, Dec. 2, the Navy confirmed that they detected petroleum products in water samples taken from the Red Hill Well during a virtual town hall meeting.

The Red Hill Well has been isolated since Sunday, Nov. 28, when military housing residents started to notice a fuel-like smell in the tap water. All other tests of the Navy Water Distribution System were negative.

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“The Navy has detected petroleum products in the Red Hill Well. The Red Hill Well has been isolated since Sunday. All tests throughout the rest of the Navy Water Distribution System have come back negative. Now that the source has been identified and isolated, we’re developing a plan to restore the potable water system to EPA standards.”

Rear Adm. Blake L. Converse Deputy Commander U.S. PACIFIC FLEET

These water samples were taken Sunday and Thursday, Dec. 2.

In the meeting, the Navy said they will begin a series of system flushes to remove residual product in the water. They will also be continuing testing until the water is deemed safe to drink.

It is still unknown what exactly these petroleum products are and where it originated from. The military added they are working with affected military families by temporarily relocating them to hotels.

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Watch Thursday’s full town hall meeting below:

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