Lesia Vasylenko, Ukrainian Member of Parliament, cut off nails, guns

Ukrainian member of parliament Lesia Vasylenko said that she cut off her nails in order to be able to use guns if she needs to take up arms to defend against the Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian politician, who said she previously had “long nails,” noted during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s “Woman’s Hour” that she “cut off all the nails in order to be able to use the guns that I have.”

Vasylenko, who said that she has learned to utilize the weapons in just hours, noted that all the women in the nation’s parliament are prepared “to take up weapons.”

During an interview with CBS News, Vasylenko lamented that fact that instead of going to school, her children are now learning about how to protect themselves during attacks. She said that “the education they are getting now is about where to hide from which kind of attacks: Where to hide from an airstrike, where to hide from a missile strike, where to hide from an artillery attack.”

“In August 2019 I was elected by my people to parliament and I swore an oath to stay with my people and to stay with my country no matter what,” she said. “For freedom I am prepared to fight and for freedom I am prepared to stay.”

While President Biden has said that U.S. forces will not get involved in the battle between Russia and Ukraine, he has declared that America will defend NATO territory. The U.S. has levied sanctions to target Russia economically and is also providing military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

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