Kailua artist to release “Punky Aloha” children’s book worldwide

HONOLULU (KHON2) – It is amazing to see how Hawaii continues to influence the world in many different realms. 

Come this summer, it’s all about a children’s book.

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This new book called “Punky Aloha” from a Kailua resident Shar Tuiasoa is dropping and it’s her first children’s book after a career in art and illustration. 

To find out more about this, KHON2 met with Tuiasoa. 

Tell us a little about this book.

“So, Punky Aloha is based on my life growing up on Oahu,” said Tuiasoa.

“Just a little Polynesian girl kind of navigating her way through the world.  She is painfully shy, but she is very adventurist and her grandma is sending her out on her own and she is reminding her to use her aloha to not only meet new people but also to remember to help your community.”

Using aloha as a life lesson. That is being taken up by Harper Collins, one of the big 5 English publishers in the world. 

How did she land this deal?

“You know, I am just so fortunate,” said Tuiasoa.

“The editor that contacted me actually stumbled across my artwork just through Instagram and emailed me and she said ‘hey, I love your artwork.’  I would love to know if you’re interested in working with us to write and illustrate a children’s book.  And that’s pretty much how it happened.”

I think it’s amazing to see that you don’t have to leave Hawaii to influence the world. 

KHON2 asked Tuiasoa how has journey been?

“It’s been incredible,” said Tuiasoa.

“And just to pick up from what you’re saying, you don’t have to leave home to work with the big companies.  They know that the talent is here and it’s been just really incredible to be able to grow with my community here as well as work with bigger companies on the mainland.”

KHON2 also asked about the name Punky Aloha, what’s the story behind that? What does that mean?

“There is nothing too crazy about the story of how it came about,” said Tuiasoa.

“It’s just kind of my style of art is, I think, kind of punky, right?  Its bright, its fun. My aesthetic is really bold and colorful, and aloha is really just how I live my life.  That is the ethos of my life.”

June 7th. That is the day we are looking forward to. But where can people find this? Will this be in local stores?

“Yah, absolutely,” said Tuiasoa.

“I would love it for you to go to your local bookstore and ask if they will be carrying it and go and support them.”

Where are you to be on June 7th? Where can people find you?

“I’m going to do a book signing at da shop in Kaimuki.”

Again, June 7th. That’s the day for you to get your copy and meet Shar yourself. 

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