Joe Biden’s Secret Service Agents Are Going Viral on TikTok

Leave it to the internet to find viral-worthy heartthrobs in the most unexpected of places. Thirsting over election news anchors? As one does. Having a full-blown crush on young Bernie Sanders? Obviously. Falling in love with a pair of President Joe Biden’s Secret Service agents? Well. Let’s have TikTok explain this one.

You might have already seen the mysterious and ~alluring~ agents pop up on your FYP, but just in case the algorithm hasn’t blessed you with these vids yet, we’ve got you covered. Some TikTokers have decided that a couple of Biden’s Secret Service agents are, ahem, rather handsome, and they have made their feelings known. User @life_with_matt captured a clip of two agents out and about during one of Biden’s recent trips to Nantucket, writing, “Forget about the PRESIDENT. The ‘SECRET SERVICE’ be looking fine.”

And this TikToker definitely wasn’t the only one noticing the agents. Another user quipped, “Came for Joe Biden…stayed for the Secret Service,” alongside a video of one of the agents — who other users have remarked resembles a “young Tom Cruise.”

The jokes did not end there. “Let your Secret Service guy have a night off so he can take me out,” one TikToker urged President Biden, while another joked “he can secret service me.” According to CNN, the mystery agent is still a mystery for now…although the outlet was able to confirm that he does, in fact, work for Biden.

FWIW, this is not the first of Biden’s Secret Service agents to have caught the internet’s attention. A viral TikTok video from November 2020 centers around an agent holding the door open for the president, with the user wondering, “Do all Secret Service look like that?” The answer to that one is probably not, but we are grateful to these eagle-eyed TikTokers for providing some levity — and for that, we say, thank you for your service.

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