How Hawaii can eat healthy on a budget

HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is no secret that grocery prices are going up, but there are ways to stay healthy on a budget before turning to junk food.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Honolulu’s food and beverage prices have jumped 8.9% since April, 2021.

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At Down to Earth, they know every dollar counts and are coming up with ways to keep your wallet — and appetite — satisfied.

“There is a slight misconception that eating healthy is really expensive, but I’ve found that customers have found incredible ways to save at our store. I mean, we have the bulk department,” said Sisi Toro, Down to Earth marketing manager. “You can really control how much you pay for each item that you purchased as well.”

Down to Earth’s bulk department has plenty of beans, nuts, lentils, rice and other grains for your cooking needs. Toro said frozen fruits and veggies are always a great go-to.

“Obviously frozen kale is not going to be great in a salad, but definitely great for stir fries, soups, curries and usually are a lot cheaper per pound,” Toro said.

They also have Super Saver flyers in every store, which come out every few weeks and even have new deals on brand name food items.
Coupons can help save money and one place to look is Oahu’s Best Coupons.

Their booklets can be found at local Longs Drugs, Times, Safeways and have deals for local restaurants, shopping centers and more. Foodland, Safeway and Target all have apps with new deals.

“Everything is going so high, right? That’s why we want to offer, just like make their lives more affordable,” said Shun Kamei with Oahu’s Best Coupons. “I mean, it’s useful for people for redeeming coupons, and also business owners going to get customers, right?”

Local dietitian Jenna Corsi added that making a grocery list from sale items and sticking to it is crucial — with a little flexibility on one or two items for cravings. Besides buying in bulk, Corsi recommended cooking in large portions so the leftovers can be saved for later.

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Trying one day a week of only eating plant-based foods can help too, as a can of dried beans is usually under $2.

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