How cold will it get?

Off to a clear and chilly start this morning! Temperatures are in the middle to lower 40s, marking the coolest start in nearly 5 months! Expect sunshine to brighten your morning, along with lighter wind at sunrise. Clouds will begin to slowly increase through the day, while temperatures climb back to the upper 60s by late afternoon. Another great, fall-ish day on tap!

Tonight, clouds will thicken to mainly overcast skies while shower chances SLOWLY rise overnight and into tomorrow morning. If out at the Indians game or a high school football game expect comfortable temperatures. We may see a brief shower but chances remain very low! Greater chances are expected overnight and through early Saturday morning, while lows drop into the middle 50s.

Saturday brings a limited shower chance early with afternoon sunshine returning and a bump in temperatures with highs reaching the middle 70s. Winds will increase a touch from the southwest at 7-15 mph.

Sunday will also bring spotty shower chances by late morning and into the afternoon. Lots of dry space still expected for the day but a slight pullback in temperatures. For now, roof likely closed for the Colts home opener of the regular season.