Earth Day Magic: How to Use Magic to Celebrate the Earth

In this installment of Practical Magic, Lisa Stardust explores whether a tarot reading can tell you if your partner is cheating. Always remember that magic is for believers, but this column can also simply serve as a guide to getting in touch with yourself — magically or not.

The earth and environment in which we live is not only magically important to us, but also to our being. Therefore, it’s extremely important to honor Mother Earth everyday — especially on April 22 when Earth Day commences.

Being that this Earth Day falls in between the full moon and the solar eclipse, it is a very potent time for implementing change, growth, and healing energy into the universe and planet in which we inhabit.

If you’re looking to cook up some magic this Earth Day, or if you just want to honor our environment, here are some ideas:

Write A Letter To Gaia

In Greek mythology, Gaia, or Mother Earth, is the deity responsible for blessing us with all that we have. She is a giver of life, bouncy, air, water, and fertility. On Earth Day, it is important to write her a love letter stating everything that you appreciate about her being and essence. The more appreciation you give, the more the world will receive in return. She is the majesty of the universe, so don’t choose to understate your feelings. Use magical and robust words to express just how grateful you are for the abundant land we inhabit.

Talk To The Earth

When you are watering or taking care of plants, flowers, vegetation, shrubs, or greenery around the house, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Ok, we know what you’re thinking, but plants are living, and can benefit from a little love. And, many have posited that talking to plants might even help them grow. Take note of their beautiful blooms and give them a compliment. Another option is to play music, sing, or dance with your plants. Don’t be shy. Cut a rug for your rose bushes and basil herbs. Harmonize with your fern and hydrangeas.


This exercise requires us to go barefoot outside and connect with the earth. Take off your socks and shoes, then firmly plant your bare feet in the ground. Allow the weight of your body to sink into the ground. Feel the way your body aligns with the Earth. Close your eyes. Meditate on connectivity. This practice can be extremely healing, powerful, and grounding as it connects us to the planet.

Honor The Elements

The four magical elements that exist in our natural world are: fire, earth, air, and water. They are all essential to our lives.


Being that the sun is the ultimate energy force in life, we should honor it on Earth Day by reveling in its power. Bask in its glorious energy by taking a hike, going dancing, or gazing under the sun. Soak up the positive vibes that the sun is bringing by stating positive statements, affirmations, and express heartfelt sentiments about Mother Earth.

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