Disney+ adds new parental controls with new Marvel series

Disney+announced Tuesday it will add more Marvel live-action series titles and update its parental controls as a result.

Details: The shows — many of which were originally on Netflix — include:

Parental controls: Disney+ will also release an update to its parental control settings in the U.S.

  • All subscribers will be prompted to update their settings, the company said in a release emailed to Deseret News.

Why it matters: The decision to add these Netflix-based Marvel shows suggests that some of those Marvel comic book characters could enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • At the same time, the decision suggests Disney+ is beginning to add more mature and adult content to its platform.

The bigger picture: Puck News reported in 2021 that there’s an ongoing discussion within Disney+ about whether or not to keep the streaming service family-friendly.

  • In fact, former CEO and current Executive Chairman Bob Iger wanted to keep Disney+ family-friendly, while current Disney CEO Bob Chapek wanted to add more mature content to reach new audiences.
  • An unnamed source told Puck News: “Notice that Netflix spends insane amounts and makes a ton of crap. A handful of phenom hits in a giant pile of crud.”

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