Carlisle man drives through lawns in Monroe County to evade police

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ind. — Law enforcement official said a 27-year-old Carlisle man tried to evade state troopers by taking his Dodge Avenger off-road and driving through lawns in what ultimately ended up being a futile bid to escape his pursuers.

Cody D. Reeves was eventually caught by police after pushing his off-roading luck and attempting to drive into a heavily wooded area. His black 2012 Dodge Avenger came to stop, however, and police took the man into custody.

Reeves faces felony charges of resisting law enforcement and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He also was charged with misdemeanor driving while suspended, reckless driving and operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his body.

According to the Indiana State Police, the pursuit began at around 11:28 p.m. on Wednesday when a state trooper clocked Reeves driving 76 mph in a 55 mph zone on State Road 37 in Bedford. The trooper pulled Reeves over on State Road 37 near State Road 54. But once the trooper was out of his vehicle, Reeves hit the accelerator on his Dodge Avenger and took off.

During the pursuit Reeves reached speeds of over 100 mph, state police said. The majority of the pursuit, however, was at slower speeds with Reeves circling businesses and parking lots at SR 37 and Old SR 37.

Reeves then crossed into Monroe County on country roads, according to the police report, and began cutting through residential lawns in a bid to evade the pursuing state troopers. At one point, Reeves is said to have even struck one of the state trooper vehicles.

State police said Reeves eventually drove into a dead-end which is when the suspect tried to leave the roadway once more and drive into a heavily wooded area where he was at last stopped and arrested.

Troopers found Reeves had been driving on a suspended license and appeared to be impaired. He reportedly even admitted to troopers that he had consumed a controlled substance prior to the pursuit.

After being taken to the hospital for a blood draw, Reeves was transported to the Lawrence County Jail.

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