BTS Will Release New Album “We Are Bulletproof” In June

BTS fans will want to clear out their calendar for June, because a new album is officially coming. It’s really true and the group has really continued to bless fans, even after an already epic year. 

Fresh off their Grammys performance as a group of temporary spies, the boys teased fans at their Las Vegas concert with news of a possible album. The teaser, which was captured and shared by fans on social media, hinted that something from the group was coming on June 10. The date just happens to be before the ninth anniversary of BTS. Each year, the anniversary is celebrated on June 13 with BTS Festa.

The news naturally sent ARMY into detective mode, but thankfully, BigHit Music confirmed that a new album was really coming. Per its Weverse statement, BigHit wrote, “Hello. This is BigHit Music. BTS will be back with another new album on June 10, 2022. Details on the new album will be provided in a separate notice at a later date. We look forward to your love and support for BTS’ new album. Thank you.”

There’s no official word on a tracklist or what listeners can expect of the record, but the album is less than two months away, so I mean you could just listen to all of their previous songs on repeat until then.

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As for what fans are thinking, some believe this could be a significant album, especially given the timing of its release. Others speculate it could be retrospective in nature and include some kind of look back at their storied career.

No matter what the album ends up being or meaning, it’s sure to be loved and appreciated by fans, as BTS has continually kept ARMY at the forefront of everything they create. Now, BRB, I’m off to celebrate this joyous news.

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