‘A wonderful experience’ for everyone

HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is Laulima Day and families came out to give to those in need at Kahala and Windward malls on Saturday, Dec. 4. The day could not come soon enough as Laulima Day went virtual in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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KHON2’s Wake Up 2Day team kicked things off at Kahala Mall on Saturday morning.

“It’s been great because for the first time in two years we get to see our viewers, everybody in person, live entertainment, it’s just been a wonderful experience.”

Ross Shimabuku, wake up 2day

Justin Cruz then came along and stole the show by taking part in a ballet performance.

“Oh, I’m breaking a sweat, brah! I haven’t even done anything yet,” Cruz said as he tried to keep up with the other dancers, “OK, what’s next?

As entertaining as Cruz was, the main focus was to give to those in need — and Jaymes Lau did just that.

“I’m giving out toys to other kids in need because if they don’t have anything, then I just wanna give some to other kids so they can have a Merry Christmas.”

Jaymes Lau, donated toys to Laulima Giving Program

Over at Windward Mall, Gina Mangieri and Lauren Day watched families come out to a winter wonderland, where kids got to meet Santa and his helpers, attend a Gingerbread Ohana Festival, and of course, give back.

Momi Akana, with the Laulima Giving Program, could not be happier.

“Well, you probably can tell, my mascara has been running,” Akana said. “I’ve been crying since 10 o’clock this morning, all the different groups coming out, a lot of them saying this is the first time they’ve performed since COVID started, that’s the part that’s just making my heart so happy, I think confidence is high and families are ready to celebrate Christmas.”

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Those that did not make it out to Windward or Kahala do not have to worry. There are ways to support the Laulima Giving Program year-round, click here to learn more.

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