7 Fashion Students Explain What College Is Like During a Pandemic

College is full of major life changes, especially for fashion students entering a highly-competitive field full of potential. Whether you’re a rising freshman, nearing graduation, or just trying to get through the next day of classes, every stage presents a new set of challenges. Throw in a global pandemic, and it gets even more complicated.

Fittingly, being in the world of fashion, you learn to be creative, resourceful, and able to adapt to new circumstances. Today’s generation of fashion students are doing that in the traditional sense and the “new normal” caused by the pandemic.

Teen Vogue sat down with fashion students at different points in their academic careers to learn how COVID-19 has been affecting their studies. From social media communities to career changes, here’s how seven fashion students have been dealing with the pandemic.

Allison Ko

Senior in Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology

Courtesy of Allison Ko.

Teen Vogue: What was a typical day as a fashion student like for you before the pandemic started?

Allison Ko: I usually had a pretty busy schedule. I tried to take a lot of classes, because there are a lot of things I [am] interested in. I also interned during the school year, so I had that real life experience kind of coupled with the classroom learning. I used to dorm before COVID, so I would wake up at 7:30 a.m., get ready for class and head over for my 9 a.m., which was probably a studio lab. So, that would be three or four hours. I would grab lunch somewhere near school, and then go back to the main building for another class. So again, like three or four hours, and then I would go back to the dorms, eat dinner, relax a little bit, and then go back to school to work on projects. I probably get home around midnight, go to sleep, and then wake up the next morning and do kind of the same thing. And then every other day, I would intern, so that would be a little bit of a variation. But I would say in general, my days were pretty full with classes, homework, and internship.

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