19 Black-Owned Etsy Shops to Support

In response to systemic racial injustices, some brands have been making performative posts, others have pulled up to show the underlying problems in the fashion and beauty industries, and others have been making donations. But one way we can all directly support Black entrepreneurs and smaller companies is by shopping via Black-owned Etsy shops. 

If there is one thing that rings true is that both brands and buyers have the power to distribute wealth in America and affect long-term change. While it is great to shop Black-owned, Latinx-owned, and indigenous brands anywhere and anytime you can, what better time to support Black-owned businesses than during Black History Month?

To help you make your selection, no matter who is on your list, we’ve turned to Etsy, which currently has a featured page showcasing tons of brands that should be on your radar. The list we’ve rounded up only scratches the surface when it comes to the hundreds of Black-owned brands on the retailer but it’s a good start to embrace the 15% pledge to your lifestyle. 

Whether it is vintage clothesface masks, home décor, or beauty products, by selecting a gift from one (or multiple!) of these 17 Black-owned Etsy shops, not only are you discovering new faves but also putting your money directly into the hands of Black sellers. ‘Tis the season! 

Satisfy the vintage lover in you by shopping from Aarica Nichole’s shop, trust us! Whether you want cute vintage knick-knacks or dope knit finds (sweater vests, anyone?), you’ll find something in Aarica Nichole’s shop.

Make your WFH space 11 times cuter with the handcrafted designs from Blake Alexander. 

Upgrade your press-on nail game with the trippy, colorful, and creative options from Sidney Shanae Company.

If you’re on the hunt for ethically made, handcrafted shoes, then look no further than Zou Xou Shoes. From boots to sandals, the founder, Katherine Theobalds, only designs shoes that she loves and are knows will be used and loved.

For all your vintage finds, check out Fyre Vintage. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Dayna’s shop is filled with hidden gems. From vintage high-rise jeans to oversized blazers, not only will you be shopping more consciously but 10% of their profit goes into sourcing sustainable clothing for women’s shelters in Detroit, MI.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia Dami V specializes in apparel and accessories made from the most vibrant and stylish fabric. Plus, they’re currently offering free shipping with your purchases.

Straight from Houston, Texas, Maw Supply sells a curated selection of vintage and reclaimed apparel and accessories — all at great prices. 

Alicia Goodwin’s designs for Lingua Nigra are truly one-of-a-kind. Her sculptural gold and silver earrings, necklaces, bangles, and rings are the perfect combination between statement pieces and simplicity.

From face masks to bonnets handmade from African print cotton and silk material, Osagie Designs’ has you covered.

Capturing Ethiopian landscape, Greek figures, cute florals, and more, Emma Make Studio’s prints are bold and eclectic and will look great in that wall art you’re DIYing.

Omi Woods pays tribute to Africa and its diaspora. Founded by Ashley Alexis McFarlane, everything is ethically made with fair trade gold that is sourced from artisanal mines that pay their miners a fair wage.

Directly from Georgia, Fro.ology is all about the products you need to keep your curls looking healthy — whether that’s deep conditioners, hair tea rinse, or their best-selling flaxseed gel.

If you have an affinity for colors and textures and need to upgrade some of your lifestyle staples, Rkitekt’s designs have your name all over them. Whether it’s a wallet, an envelope clutch, or a chic leather cord to keep all your chargers from tangling.

Say goodbye to frizz with Breezy Tee’s hair wraps made from 100% Interlock cotton, the best fabric to lock in moisture and prevent breakage.

Gail Wright has been perfecting her Gullah basket weaving since she was six years old. It’s a technique that has been passed down for generations and you can tell by the quality of her craft.

Gabrielle Perez’s shop, Twisted Honey Candles, gets five-star reviews consistently. After seeing their candles, we totally see why. From Nike Air Force 1s to shells and smiley faces, all of the options look great and most are under $50.

With over 200 raving reviews, Black Girl Healing Shop is known for its personalized jewelry. Our fave? The birth year series. 

If you’re looking for affordable wall art to decorate your space, check out Nonily Studio. The Etsy shop is full of digital downloads that will make your space stand out. Plus, you can use the code: SHOPBLACKOWNED to get 10% off your order.

These clutches are handmade in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Retailing for $30, they’re the perfect affordable gift for your bestie or yourself.

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